Arts Link Art Exhibition

Have a craving for artistic expression? Satisfy that need for creativity by joining us on Monday, June 10, where we will be hosting the grand opening of the Arts Link Art Exhibition at the University of the Arts and will stay open for the next several weeks. We will be displaying various visual works that have originated from very talented and imaginative students that participate in our  program!

What is Arts Link?

Arts Link is an innovative program that helps students learn math and science concepts through visual art. This is what we are focusing on with our Arts Integration model!

Arts integration is, we are finding, the most effective way in presenting school subjects across the curriculum that enhance their learning skills along with retention ability. A second grader came to us and said ‘I was learning math and science and didn’t even know it! Our program makes learning, for our students, enjoyable. They remember and retain more and we are lucky enough to be funded by the US Department of Education!” – Mary Dupree

The Arts Link program is funded by the US Department of Education. The program we have created here at PAEP has helped inspire, influence, and teach core academic skills to our students in the Philadelphia School District classrooms.

What we are featuring!

The exhibition will feature creations that are the vision of some very talented students in grades 2 through 5. Classroom teachers have collaborated with teaching artists to create lesson plans using the Arts Integration model. With this model, elementary students learn math, science and literacy through the world of art in a fun and imaginative way!

We are very excited to present the Artwork created by these students to show how they can effectively learn concepts in math and science through visual art! A various and vast amount of art will be displayed such as colorful mobiles, detailed ceramic pieces, imaginative drawings and MORE! To better understand the connection of art and school subjects we will display the lesson plans to show the model along with its impressive outcome. We will have Artwork from : The Watson Comly Elementary School and Stephen Decatur School in Northeast Philadelphia; The General George McCall Elementary School in Center City; and the Thomas G. Morton Elementary School in Southwest Philadelphia.

We look forward to seeing you there! These students have made some pretty extraordinary strides in academics AND the arts that you must see for yourself.

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