Pennsylvania Council on the Arts Residencies 2013-14

As we begin to transition into the new school year PAEP acknowledges the great work that took place in our 2013-14 Art Residencies funded by the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts . Our residencies took place in 40 schools and community sites and our Directory Artists exposed students of all age groups to a variety of visual and performing art forms. Residencies have become essential to the culture of our schools and community sites, giving students meaningful lessons through the arts.

This past year, the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts asked all of the regional partners to develop a story in a form of a video to demonstrate the power of the arts and how the PCA funds provide vitality to our work in Pennsylvania’s schools and communities. PAEP took this opportunity to share the breadth and depth of our Artist Residency Program and how our arts integration model has provided whole school transformations. We believe that the arts appeal and positively affect all types of students. Throughout the video you will hear from our important stakeholders: principals, teachers, teaching artists, students, and parents about the impact of this work and the role they see the arts playing in the future.

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