US Department of Education Arts Education Model Development and Dissemination Grant Program

U.S. Department of Education

Arts Link©: Building Mathematics and Science Competencies through an Arts Integration Model, 2010-2014; is a quasi-experimental, research program of the Philadelphia Arts in Education Partnership to work with four School District of Philadelphia schools to test the efficacy of the arts to support mathematics and science skill acquisition through application of PAEP’s Skills Alignment Model for students in grades 2-5.

Arts Bridges©: Building Literacy through an Integrated Arts Collaborative Model, 2006-2010; was a quasi-experimental, research program of the School District of Philadelphia with PAEP testing out an arts integration model to support literacy acquisition and fluency in four schools, for students in grades 4-6. Results of this program demonstrated that students who were engaged in this arts integration model outperformed students who did not receive arts activities as measured by the PSSA tests.

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