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InstaARTS are free LIVE online classes with Pennsylvania Council on the Arts rostered teaching artists. Students in grades 3 – 6 are invited to discover their inner artist through a survey of art mediums including visual art, poetry, movement, music, and theater.

Schedule: Classes will run for 6 weeks every Wednesday and Friday from 4:00 PM to 4:40 PM

Your free registration admits you to all course times. Students are welcomed to drop-in anytime during the 6-week session.


InstaARTS is supported in part by the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts, a state agency funded by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and the National Endowment for the Arts, a federal agency.


Grades 3-6 Register Here


InstaARTS Teaching Artists

Maximize your creativity and potential through ballroom dance. Educational and exciting virtual lessons that incorporate history, dance terminology, and interactive choreography. Join the journey that helps you feel the rhythm of the music and sets your soul free.



Enhance your freedom of expression through hip hop. Students will be well versed in dance terminology, dance history and hip hop styles while creating different elements that will maximize their expression, movement and performance abilities.



Experience the world through music by learning vocal techniques while gaining exposure to a wide variety of vocal styles. Experience the thrill of writing an original song, learning Music Theory, and discovering music from around the world!



Everything you need for theatre is all around you. By discovering the simple exercises and use of everyday objects you can become your own one person show. Learn to alter your voice, manipulate your face and body to become other characters, invent other worlds and more. Just bring your imagination!



Join Frank in his studio at Moscow Clayworks for a hands on experience in pottery. The “clayplay” session is geared to younger artists to engage with materials found in the pottery studio. A fun and unique 3-D experience.



Lessons involve technique, art history, and the creative process.  We will be exploring the elements and principles of art and have fun in the process of finding ways of making dynamite art with limited supplies!



Learn about writing and illustrating picture books – and share the journey of exploring shape, line and sequencing; we’ll ‘see’ how ideas connect in the brain to become story; and you’ll express yourself with the most universal and perfect symbol known to man or the infinite –  the simple circle.



Read, write, and learn about poems. Join us on a virtual adventure to discover new ideas you’ll contribute to a collaborative poem.




Learn through an exciting hands on studio workshop.  Students can look forward to drawing, painting, collage, sculpture and more as they create their way through elements, principles and historical contexts of the visual arts!  We will be executing amazing works using basic supplies that students should already have in their art supply arsenal or in their homes. Learn, Create and Play along with me!



A fun and interactive lesson where participants create movement, learn about young performing artists and incorporate new dance vocabulary into exciting choreography.



Combining theatre history and digital innovation, this course will empower each student to create original theatre works as a team (on the spot)! Collaboration and creativity are at the heart of this devised theatre course.



Students will learn how to dance Salsa and other contemporary Latin dance styles. They will be spending time practicing the basic elements/movements of Latin Dancing.



Filled with fun and participation, the lesson introduces students to dance styles through photos, videos, and reading.   It enhances their cultural understanding of the dance origin and how it impacts us today while learning the building blocks of movement: to create, perform, and express themselves!