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July 13, 2018

Art Sparks at King Of Prussia Turnpike Service Station

“Art can transform a public space! Art can spark a young mind! And when joined together, art can add an element of surprise to a simple rest stop, revealing unknown beauty on your journey.”

PAEP (Philadelphia Arts in Education Partnership) (an AIE partner) and the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts aided in the funding and the implementation of the newest “Art Sparks” program installation at the King of Prussia Service Plaza, which provided the students of Radnor High School the unique opportunity to work alongside PCA Teaching Artist Baily Cypress, as well as their art teachers Erik Barrett and Tracey Dean, to create works of art for permanent installation in the King of Prussia Service Plaza for all visitors to enjoy!

Each mosaic depicts a landmark selected by the students on the basis of its community, historic, or aesthetic merit. Students completed in-depth research about their selected sites, which serves as the subject matter of each mosaic.

The “Art Sparks” Program began in January 2017, as a joint venture of the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission and the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts, and plans to bring the works of young artists to all 17 PA Turnpike service plazas by the end of 2022.







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