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February 6, 2014

First Lady Responds to PAEP’s Work in Arts Integration

The Philadelphia Arts in Education Partnership (PAEP) supports learning in and through the arts for Pennsylvania’s children and youth. In hopes of spreading the exciting arts integration work completed by PAEP in special programs this past year, we sent First Lady Michelle Obama our Arts Link Program catalogs.

Arts Link: Building Mathematics and Science Competencies through an Arts Integration Model, is a program that integrates the arts into the math and science curriculum in grades two through five and is implemented by a four year grant from the U. S. Department of Education Arts Education Model Development and Dissemination Program (AEMDD). The end goal of the program is to increase student achievement in math and science, and to improve student pro-social behavior.

Each year PAEP publishes a catalog detailing the arts integration projects that are the result of art teachers, classroom teachers, and teaching artists’ collaborations to improve mathematics and science skill acquisition in our four School District of Philadelphia schools: Comly, Decatur, McCall, and Morton Elementary Schools. This annual 40 page publication details projects undertaken at each school and includes unit plans that link art concepts and skills in grade level quarterly curricula for the District.

Knowing how critical a time this is for the School District of Philadelphia, it is imperative to shine light on programs that positively impact our students. PAEP believes that every child is entitled to a comprehensive education in the arts, and learning in and through the arts is especially critical in a district with many at-risk students. These publications sent to the First Lady are a testament to the great work being done in public schools in the Philadelphia region. And, through continuous effort and engaging in other advocacy opportunities, PAEP continues to make the case for the value of the arts in the lives of our nation’s students.

Click Here to See the First Lady’s Response to PAEP