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May 28, 2016

Free Summer Program for Kids!

As part of the Philadelphia Arts in Education Partnership (PAEP) and Pennsylvania Department of Education’s 21st Century Community Learning Centers Grant, we invite your child to participate in PAEP’s After School STEAM Summer Camp. The summer program takes place at three School District of Philadelphia Schools starting Tuesday, June 28, 2016 through Thursday, August 4, 2016. The program is open to all students entering 5th through 8th grade in the fall. Students from schools currently participating in the 21st Century STEAM After School programs as well as any students from surrounding neighborhood schools are eligible to attend even if they don’t go to one of the schools listed below:

Woodrow Wilson Middle School, 1800 Cottman Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19111
Grover Washington, Jr. Middle School, 201 E. Olney Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19120
James G. Blaine School, 3001 W. Berks Street, Philadelphia, PA 19121

The STEAM Enrichment Summer Program provides FREE learning experiences that will help support grade level academic curriculum in math, science, and literacy through engaging arts experiences.  Our program is held on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 9:00 A.M. – 3:00 P.M. The STEAM Enrichment Summer Program curriculum is designed for students entering the 5th-8th grade who have an interest in creative and performing arts, as well as students who are simply looking for a safe learning environment during the summer. Students will receive free breakfast and lunch through the School District of Philadelphia’s Food Service Dept., participate in athletics, as well as experience learning through different art forms (visual arts, music, dance, or theater).

Our mission for the STEAM Enrichment Summer Program is to provide quality education programming for all students through engaging visual and performing arts experiences. Designed to augment STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) with the inclusion of the arts (STEAM), this program will employ the visual and performing arts as a means to strengthen students’ mathematics and science competencies, promote healthy lifestyles through physical fitness and better nutrition,  and enhance the development of students’ pro social behaviors and attitudes towards school. Contact PAEP at 215-717-6596 or email at

In addition to offering your child the opportunity to participate in this wonderful, new program, we also are offering parents/guardians and senior citizens in the community an opportunity to be a part of this program. If you or someone you know would like to serve as a program volunteer or as a member of the Advisory Board, please contact PAEP at 215-717-6596 or via email at

To download an enrollment for the summer program, please click on the link for the site where your student will attend. Either scan and email to, drop off at the attending school site, or mail to:

Philadelphia Arts in Education Partnership
320 S. Broad Street
Philadelphia, PA 19102

Click here for Grover Washington     Click here for Woodrow Wilson      Click here for Blaine School